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As the weather heats up, women everywhere want to have shoes just right for summer. They want shoes that let them walk across the boardwalk with ease and then hit the beach with confidence. They also want shoes that go from the cafe to the dance floor without missing a beat. This is why many women around the world turn to sandals. Sandals are a great choice when it gets warm outside. Sandals are comfortable, easy to put on and protect your feet from the hot ground. They also look fabulous. A pair of sandals is just thing to lighten any wardrobe and bring it from the heart of winter darkness to the joys of spring and summer. When looking at sandals on the market, it helps to think about fit, color and the use of materials. It also helps to make sure that the sandals fit properly and can be easily taken on and off.

A Sandal Wardrobe

Assembling a sandal wardrobe is ideal. Many women want at least several pairs. One can be used on the beach or at the pool. Another set may be just perfect for a casual dinner with friends. When looking at sandals, it’s a good idea to have several pairs in different colors. Lighter colors are ideal for use during the day while darker colors are perfect for wearing at night. Cute patterns in eye catching summer brights like hot pink and lime green are a fun choice. Sandals with details are ideal for a night on the town when a woman wants something with just a touch of formality. Each pair should be easy to put on and take off. They should also make it easy for the wearer to walk. A few good pairs are ideal for use all summer long.


Everyone loves ice cream. Few things are more delicious on a hot day than a bowl of well flavored ice cream. People have been making ice cream for many centuries. Over time, they’ve learned how to perfect this sweetly yummy dessert. Many people love to make ice cream and teach others how to do the same thing. Italy has long had wonderful ice cream varieties to enjoy. Today’s Italians make all kinds of varieties of ice cream. They love to create ice cream at home and in other places. Travelers to Italy can take advantage of this fact by taking a class. Classes teach people how to make ice cream. Classes in Italy teach people how to gather ingredients and then use them top create wonderful sweet things that are a great thing to eat on a hot day or just because they want to enjoy a taste of authentic Italian cooking.

Ice Cream Making Classes

Ice cream making classes it Italy typically start by introducing the people in the class to how ice cream is made in Italy. Italians have many special varieties of ice cream they like to eat. This includes specifics such as delicious gelato that has less fat than ice cream types found in other parts of the world It also includes ingredients that may be found nowhere else. For example, special fruits and liquors help make Italian ice cream so delicious People can learn how to use special fruits and nuts only grown in Italy to create ice cream flavors they might not have tasted before. They can also learn how to use Italian ice cream making tools that are designed to help keep ice cream cold. Taking a class of this kind is a fabulous thing to do on an Italian vacation.

Planning for your Cambridgeshire wedding is not easy – you have so many different details to plan and you cannot afford to get any of them wrong. One of these will be the flowers – flowers are an integral part of any wedding and they need to be selected carefully. Many brides leave them until the last minute only to end up with blooms that don’t complement the rest of the event, or worse, that look off. Here are tips to ensure that you get the best wedding flowers that Cambridge has to offer:
•    Start early – never leave flowers until the last minute. You may come up with great ideas but you may have trouble finding a vendor who will provide you blooms at short notice. Flowers should be chosen once you are done picking a wedding dress – they should complement it as well as set the theme for the event.
•    Be careful about your bridal piece; it needs to be selected with your dress and accessories in mind and it should be comfortable to carry and sturdy enough to last all day.
•    Getting ideas for what kinds of flowers you should have in your wedding can be tough – how do you know what will work best? You can do a crash course in wedding flowers – there are many websites that give quick tips on different kinds of flowers and how to use them for weddings.
•    Your budget is another thing that you ought to keep in mind as you choose flowers. You may want certain blooms, and they may be perfect but what if you cannot afford them? If you want a rare kind of flower the best thing to do is talk to an experienced vendor – not only do they know suppliers who can offer discounts, they may know alternatives that are cheaper that may look just as good.
One such vendor is Ely Flowers (

PR Company

You have been around London trying to find a PR firm for your business but aren’t having any success. It’s understandable – with so many of them in the city many people find themselves at a loss when they have to make a decision. There are, however, some questions you can ask that can help you know whether or not you are headed in the right direction:
•    How long have you been around? Good PR is all about knowing the right people and this takes time. You will not get very far if you hire a PR firm that has only been around for one or two years. The best PR companies have been in business for at least 5 years.
•    What kinds of businesses do you usually promote? Different industries need different kinds of PR. It is important to establish that the PR company that you have in mind has experience with the kind of product that you want promoted.
•    How do you measure success? One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with a PR company is to sign a contract before you agree on benchmarks for success. You need to know what success will look like – how many new contacts will they get you? How many of them will buy your product (idea)?
•    How will you get paid? This is also important – some PR companies require that clients pay a great amount of money upfront. But what happens when you don’t get the publicity that you seek? You should be looking for a PR company that gets paid when you do. They should not ask you for more than a little money to cover expenses.
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Anyone who has ever played the sport of cricket knows that one of the biggest problems with cricket squares are weeds. Having weeds on the field dramatically affects the quality of play. Therefore, if you own or maintain a cricket field then you need to figure out a good way to control the weeds. There are many different ways to do this, but there are some ways that are much better than others. In this article, we will cover 4 proven ways to get rid of weeds on a cricket square.

Ways To Get Rid of Cricket Square Weeds 

  • Use A High Strength Herbicide
  • Smother The Weeds Using Boards
  • Pour Salt Around Them
  • Cover Them In Cooking Oils

Use A High Strength Herbicide

Herbicides have long been the gold standard for controlling weeds. They pack potent and poisonous chemicals that kill weeds on contact. There are also ones that can penetrate the soil to kill the root.

Smother The Weeds Using Boards

You use a board or any other heavy object to smother weeds. Just place the object on the weed and in just a few days the weed will be dead. This will also help to kill the root and prevent re-growth.

Pour Salt Around Them 

Most people do not know that salt is a potent weed killer. Salt disrupts the ionic balances in the plant. In addition to disrupting the ionic balances, it pulls all of the water out of the plant permanently killing it.

Cover Them In Cooking Oils 

Even fewer people know that cooking oils such as vegetable oil and canola oil kill weeds. If you are looking for a low-cost solution or just happen to have some really old cooking oil, you can place that on the roots of the weeds to kill them.


If you look online you will see many websites that extol the benefits of taking an Uber-style ride rather than a taxi. There are many people, however, who are not convinced. While Uber has its benefits, you may still prefer to travel the traditional way and here is why.
One of the most common reasons why people choose Uber and similar services is because they believe they are cheaper. Do not be taken in by this. The cost of Uber may be cheap at face value, but the fact is that it depends on where in the world you are hailing your Uber from. Taxis are regulated when it comes to pricing – there is a standard scale that they must stick to and if they don’t you can complain and even get a refund. Uber, on the other hand, isn’t regulated which means that the cost of your ride can change at any time.
Another reason to choose a taxi is that it will arrive faster than an Uber especially if you are looking to hail one off the street. Taxis are clearly marked and if you need one all you need to do is flag it down. This can be convenient for those who don’t want to wait around for transportation or who haven’t yet the technology required to hail an Uber.
Taxis have been trusted since time immemorial to get people safely to their destinations. This doesn’t mean that bad things happen from time to time – they do, but when you compare them to the number of incidents that we have had with Uber since it was launched you will see that taxi drivers tend to be more reliable.
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Your pet is recuperating from an illness and you think she deserves a break. Unfortunately, all the places you have enquired about pet accommodation say that they don’t accept pets, or they have such strict rules that you are not sure your furry friend will be happy. This is a common dilemma that many people face when they have to go on holiday. They either have to leave their pet with a neighbour or at a shelter and they are not happy with either option. This year, and in the years to come, you don’t have to leave your pet behind when you go on your annual break. If you book a Norfolk holiday you will be able to take her along and she will have just as much fun as everyone else.
Many holiday cottages in Norfolk are pet friendly and they are equipped with everything that you will need for the duration of your stay. Better yet, with so much to do outdoors, and very little traffic your pet will have the time of her life. All you need to do is bring her food and her favourite toys, and the whole family can have a blast.
Pets are not the only reason why people choose Norfolk cottages for holidays. If you are tired of going on holiday in hotels where you don’t get much rest because there is so much going on these cottages are a perfect idea. They are secluded in the countryside where you get all the privacy that you want, and you can rest and give yourself a proper break.
Wheatacre Hall Barns is a perfect place to book a cottage. They come in different sizes and all are equipped not just for pets, but for you too. Find out more on their website,

The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies truly offers an educational experience of a lifetime. With a diverse student body and fully dedicated staff- CCSS continues to be a beacon of excellence in academia. Whether for business courses, liberal arts, or even ESL – the facility offers a range of classes and tuition programs for all students. This is accentuated by the school’s cultural events, which celebrate the bonds of pluralism and international friendship. From college preparatory courses to universal subjects like math and science, CCSS offers comprehensive and cohesive courses set within a supportive and enriching environment.
Academic Learning at its Finest
As the epicenter for Ivy League education, Cambridge is synonymous with academic learning at its finest. The area is also blanketed by a myriad of schools and top flight educational learning centers. While the spirit of CCSS revolves around illuminating student minds – the educational realm is as competitive as it is challenging. As a result, we effectively prepare students to not only tackle coursework – but also life’s unexpected obstacles and hurdles. With industry-leading instructors and thought provoking courses, we help all students overcome any problems that may be hindering performance. This includes better study skills, along with a strong emphasis on critical thinking and concentration.
The CCSS Difference
While CCSS instructors are committed to excellence in all endeavors, they believe in enabling students to think for themselves. This includes tapping into their creative skills, while helping students understand the depth of their potential in life. Students are also taught vital life skills that they will cherish for years to come. This includes independent thinking and original thought – the cornerstones of any successful student in the contemporary and digital age. While coursework can be rigid at times, the environment is truly welcoming and designed to make everyone feel at home.

Vinyl floors are everywhere these days. Lots of people have discovered all of the advantages associated with vinyl flooring. Some people might be resistant to it at first, since they might be afraid that the vinyl will look like linoleum, which is not a type of flooring that people will usually use in all of their rooms. Other people might be worried about the possibility that the vinyl floors will look tacky in some way, or that it will be obvious that the floors are made from vinyl.

In fact, a lot of people will struggle to even recognize vinyl at first glance, unless they have a great deal of experience with this sort of flooring. The vinyl flooring should generally be stylish for a lot of people, and they’ll be able to enjoy a household that has a very polished look to it. The fact that people will not spend a great deal of money on vinyl flooring in the first place will only make the situation seem better, since they will be able to get genuinely great flooring at such a low price.

Getting vinyl flooring is always cost-effective for a number of different reasons. The fact that it is so durable really only makes it all better. People will have to pay for the initial costs associated with the vinyl, and then they will be able to use it for a while. This solid flooring will be able to absorb the noise that people will tend to create throughout the day, making vinyl flooring a great choice for the people who have had conflicts related to noise in the past. People who have pets and who live with a lot of people will need tough floors, and that’s what vinyl will be able to offer them.

One trick that interior designers use to make spaces in the home look bigger than they actually are is mirrors. Placed in the right position a mirror can transform a room and allow you to do much more with it. Choosing mirrors for the home is no easy task – there are so many types out there and if you buy just any you may find that instead of bringing out the best in a room they have the opposite effect. Here is what you should take into account as you choose mirrors for different rooms.
The size of the room as compared to the size of the mirror
If you have a large room and you install a small mirror its effect will be lost. Likewise, if you have a small room that receives a lot of natural light there is no need to install a very large mirror – you will get a much better effect if you install a medium sized mirror and paint the walls a light colour.
The shape of the mirror
One thing you will realize as you start shopping for mirrors in Cambridge is that they come in all shapes. You need to carefully consider which ones will do best for your home based on the shape of the rooms they are to be installed in and the effect you want them to have.
Mirror frame
Just like mirrors come in so many different shapes, so are there so many different kinds of frames that you can have them mounted on. You should make sure that you choose frames that match with the rest of your decor. If finished properly some mirrors don’t need to be framed.
If all this sounds too complicated you should visit Go Glass. They have mirrors in all shapes and sizes and there are interior designers available to help you choose the best for your home. Visit their website,, for more information.