As you might have realized by now, you can take the act test online. This shiny new feature was introduced in September 2018, and because many people aren’t used to taking the test this way, we thought we’d do a piece on what you should expect.

What’s New?

In terms of content, test length, scoring and even test format, the act test online stays the same as the written form. In fact colleges don’t even discriminate between written and online tests because they consider them to be the same. If you’re taking the test abroad, you can be sure you’ll be taking an online version of the test. However, within the shores of the US, you’ll have to check with the ACT to see if you can take it online, or have to use paper and pen.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between taking the act test online and on paper is that test scores, for the non-written sections, are usually available between just 2 business days of taking the online test. The reason is simple. It’s easier for the computer to grade. Of course the written section still requires a great deal of attention, so there’s no improvement in the time it’ll take you to get it.

You get an erasable white board, and are responsible for bringing your own ACT acceptable calculator.

ACT Test Online Features

You get a ton of features, and knowing how to use them can help you on the D day. There’s a navigation bar that allows you skip and return to questions and even flag those you want to do over. You can highlight text, or even open a select line in a separate window and view it without any surrounding text.

You even get a magnifier on the off chance an image isn’t legible enough. You have the option of using an answer masker or an answer eliminator. The answer masker completely hides off all answers YOU KNOW are wrong, while the answer eliminator tentatively crosses off wrong answers but leave them in view.

Note that you can only move liberally between one section to another. Once the time expires for a particular section, you have to move on – as with the written exam. There’s an act test fact sheet. It contains a more comprehensive list of everything we’ve said so far. If you’re being extra cautious, It’s recommended that you look at it before the exam date.

It is important for students to understand the AP calc AB FRQ 2019 curriculum. The FRQ is also referred to as free-response questions. These questions are common on the exam and help students to understand the curriculum they are evaluated on during the exam. Students can receive reliable and convenient tutoring services at any time. The learning is through virtual online classrooms. Virtual online classrooms are the best way to learn without having to attend a classroom session. Through Star Tutor’s program, students have access to these lessons with 20 hours of virtual online classroom learning. The lessons are also fully recorded which enables students to look back and review the material. This is a powerful method for ensuring that students are constantly able to review the information whenever they want.

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Understanding AP Calculus FRQ for Success

The free-response questions do not need to be stressful when working with a virtual tutoring service such as Star Tutors. Star Tutors fully understands the important of helping each student to excel in calculus. Calculus is part of the larger branch of mathematics. For this reason calculus is often taken by juniors and seniors in high school. AP calculus is a program dedicated to advancing the information and knowledge of students. There are many methods and strategies that students can utilize in order to properly prepare for the exam. Students begin studying weeks in advance prior to the official exam in order to maintain a high GPA and overall score.

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This is a crucial process in many manufacturing industries. It usually involves the fabrication of metal elements through chemistry and precision photolithography. The process is also known as chemical machining, metal-etching, photo-etching, and chemical milling.
It consists of several essential steps and each step depends on the previous step. This means that every individual step is a vitally important prerequisite to the next step. Different companies may use a different photochemical machining process. Some use very proprietary and unique methods to arrive at the final product but the fundamental operations are regarded the same.
This method is known widely as viable for working metal and although it is a growing industry, it is gaining a lot of recognition and experience globally. The following are the steps used throughout the process.
1. Designing / Engineering
This involves creating, designing or engineering the photo tool which is used to profile the part. This is done when a new part is ordered by a customer who provides the original dimensions either using a CAD file that contains detailed and accurate measurements or by drawing. Professional tooling engineers then reconstruct the part in a complete form, changing the measurements so as to suit the unique requirements of the PCM process. Here, materials are cut into manageable sizes which are free from any kind of tabbing during the next processes.
2. Cleaning / Metal Preparation
After cutting into certain sheet sizes that are more manageable, the elements are cleaned using chemicals in order to get rid of unwanted substances such as dust, foreign debris, grease, and etcetera. This allows the photoresist to cling or attach to the metal sheet making it ready for the step that follows.
3. Material Coating / Coating Operation
This is a very significant process. It is done immediately after cleaning to prevent the surface of the metal sheet from being oxidized or contaminated. A dry-film-photoresist coat is preferred in this step because it can easily be removed, and is more controllable. The entire step is done using a hot-roll-lamination system and takes place in an environment that is yellow in color and safe from light.
4. Imaging /Exposing / Printing
During this step, the image of the photo-tool material is moved to the prepared metal-sheet. This is done by activating the-sensitive-polymer in the photoresist film. The sheet is then sandwiched between two photo-tool-elements. This takes place in a vacuum-frame which makes it intimately in contact while ensuring there is neither gaps nor air bubbles between the metal and photo-tool. A strong UV light is then exposed to the panel which prints the photo-tool element onto the sheet.
5. Developing Step
This step is a must for all the coated and exposed materials. Chemical solutions are sprayed to the panel to remove the uncured, unhardened, and unexposed photoresist. Various factors are strictly monitored and controlled. These include temperature, spray pressure and distribution, PH, and dwell time. The remaining material is cured and coated and it is which should continue with the following process – Etching.
6. Photochemical-Etching-Process
This is where there is a total erosion of materials which are not secured by the resist using various etchants like ferric nitrate (for silver and molybdenum materials), cupric chloride (for non-ferrous alloys materials), iodine-based etchant (for gold and its alloys materials), ferric chloride (for ferrous alloys such as Kovar, stainless steel, and etcetera) and other types of etchants. At the end of this step, all sheets are completely etched and rinsed and the measurements accurately maintained. This is done carefully while calibrating the speed of the conveyor.
7. Stripping Step
During the process of etching, some photoresist materials may remain on the metal sheets. This step completely removes these materials by stripping them off using chemicals such as sodium hydroxide solution. Once this is done, city water is used to clean the sheets, and then de-ionized water is used to rinse them. There is then a total inspection of the materials using quality control methods before the sheets are ready for secondary operations such as welding, plating, soldering, and etcetera. Otherwise, they are packed ready for shipment.
8. Final Step: Quality control and Shipment
Once everything has been done, the materials are inspected clearly by the FAI (First-Article-Inspection) before release. Dimensions are verified and once approved by the respective inspection agencies, they are packed keenly in a manner that they are not damaged when being distributed to the relevant customers. Various containers are created during packing such as labeling/bar coding, individual bagging, wooden crates (for large parts), waffle packaging, and among others. These steps are what most manufacturing industries use during the photochemical machining processes.

Like most Essex residents who are in the market for a new home you may think that the best way to go is find a ready-made home and put down a mortgage on it. This is a good alternative if you are a first time home buyer, but if you are buying a second home you may want to go a more exciting route – how about you have your new property developed from scratch? New developments allow for you to own a home in Essex that is built just the way you want it. There are several advantages to acquiring your home this way:
•    The most important is that it is custom made. You will give your developer all the specs you want in your new home – the number of rooms, how big they should be, what kind of fittings you want installed, how you want the yard to look like and so on.
•     When you buy a property from an Essex developer you have only have to deal with one point of contact. Many times when buying a brand new property you have to deal with several parties and this can only serve to complicate the situation.
•    Many developers have loans available at very fair terms. So long as you identify a plot of land and put down a down payment that will help you secure a loan that will help you pay for your property.
•    You can build your home according to your future vision. If, for example, you would like to expand your home in the future you can construct it in such a way that additions are easy to do.
It is important to choose a reliable developer, and one of the best in Essex is Hopkins Homes. They build homes all over East Anglia and they are renowned for quality workmanship and excellent deals. You can see some of their properties on

The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies is one of the best boarding schools in the UK. With a diverse student body and faculty, we offer the best in two-year GCSE and A-Level courses. As a leading independent college, we prepare students for university life and all its challenges. In fact, we have built a strong reputation for inspiring students across the world. With success-orientated coursework and materials, our teaching truly goes beyond the classroom. This includes helping students build self-confidence and self-worth, along with achieving their educational goals and desired results.

For over 35 years, CCSS has been the premier daytime and boarding college in the UK. Situated in the heart of academia in Cambridge, we are truly your passport to a wealth of educational opportunities in the Ivy League realm. However, our courses reflect the many walks of life our students choose to take – including studying abroad or at local community colleges as well. With smaller class sizes, we are able to offer a more personalized and customized learning experience. Our teachers are also specialists in their respective fields of study, and work hard to ensure students receive the best education possible. As always, we offer both day and boarding places – along with a broad international student mix that celebrates the beauty of diversity and pluralism.

International students have access to our UK educational system via the International Summer School Program. Our Academic Foundation Course also features full GCSE study and A-level courses. Domestic students also have access to college prep courses, which gets them ready for college entrance exams. With an environment that is always conducive to learning, CCSS continues to be heralded for providing the best educational courses and curriculum. One phone call, e-mail or visit to our campus is all you need to begin your journey to excellence in education.

Internal custom glass doors allow easy and quick access to any part of the house. There is a wide selection of doors that you can choose, but not all doors match your needs. Actually, the door is more stable than other types of doors. In this modern world where competition is very large, it has been proven that the more you play when it comes to glass door price, the more quality you can get, the more you deserve.
Manufacturers are smarter, so you have to be smart to protect your rights as a consumer. It is a reality that all consumers or buyers must face. If you can afford the risk of buying high-quality doors, you must find them. You must get the value of the door that deserves your money.
One of the most popular and tall types of doors are glass doors. Today, many owners prefer to keep a glass door compared to other types of doors. Glass doors can offer consumers different benefits and options that they can use. If you have one, why do not you have the opportunity to keep the glass door in your home? This will not only beautify your home but can provide maximum protection for your family.
Doors are considered one of the most important aspects of home interior design. There are doors for external purposes and are used only for internal purposes. In the case of interior doors, there are four types to consider. It is fireproof, rinsed, panel and molded door. These doors are as thick as the doors intended for outdoor use. Some of these interior doors are decorative items at home. They are usually made of wood, glass, and plastic. Some of them have a frame that is already attached.
Custom glass doors that are designed for outdoor use usually look very good and elegant. These doors are really for everyone to see. You must find a door that fits the whole form of the house outside. They have thick glass made of maximum fiberglass insulation. External doors act as the main obstacle in your home, in difficult conditions that can affect your home. It can also provide the necessary privacy and security. Unless they have the right key, the intruder can not enter your home.
When it comes to setting up custom glass doors for your home, you need to make sure that the specialists you hire are qualified and qualified. They must prove that they know exactly what they are doing to secure the door securely. If the door hangs properly, they will seal properly and be properly installed.

When you are remodeling your bathroom one of the things you will want to work on is the shower – it is one of the most used areas and it requires attending to every few years. One of the best ways to get real value out of your bathroom remodel is to install glass shower doors. These doors have very popular. You have the option to install a glass enclosure with a glass door, but if you already have a good wall of tiles standing you can install a glass shower door and your bathroom transformation will be complete.
There are many different types of glass shower doors available in the market and when you looking at the whole array the first time you may start to feel a little overwhelmed. You shouldn’t be; choosing a glass shower door can be quite easy if you know what you want, so you can make that your first step – finding out what your needs are.
What kind of shower door are you looking for? Do you want it purely for aesthetic reasons or do you also need it to serve a specific purpose? If, for example, you would like a glass shower door that keeps the bathroom floor dry you should choose a framed door – the frame will keep all water and moisture within the cubicle every time the shower is used. However, if you are really after aesthetics you may find that a frame gets in the way. If you would like to accomplish both goals you can choose a semi-framed glass shower door.
Glass styles also differ. You can choose a door made out of clear glass, frosted glass, etched glass and even coloured glass. The important thing is to know the pros and cons of all of these options so that you can make an informed decision. A clear glass door, for example, is great, but it will not offer you much privacy unless the shower cubicle is steamed up. A frosted glass door is a good option for shared bathrooms but you will not be able to see out of the cubicle. Coloured glass is also nice but it limits you when it comes to choosing decor – you have to choose fixtures and fittings that match with the colour of the glass.
The most important thing you can do for your project for shower glass doors is to choose an experienced installer. Installing these doors is made to look easy – if you look online you will find lots of articles and videos that make it look like a straightforward process. However, many people will tell you that relying on these videos and articles is a big mistake. If you want professionally installed doors that will last a long time you should a company like Go Glass. You can contact them on

The Major Benefits of Monitoring Devices

The black ghost is a unique and innovative monitoring device from Equivital. It features the latest technology in order to keep military individuals safe during their work. The black ghost is a proprietary addition to Equivital’s products for safety and statistics. The black ghost is specifically for military training and hazard area first response individuals. These individuals are first responders that often encounter at-risk and hazardous situations. The black ghost is used for military training and is scalable. Training practices can be enhanced with the use of the black ghost monitoring system.

There are many other advantages to the black ghost monitoring system. First responders can track their heart rate and skin temperature through the body sensor monitor. The body sensor monitor is one of the best ways to ensure first responders stay safe while keeping others safe and secure as well. First responders have a very important job as they must be in good physiological condition to preform their job. For this reason it is very important that they stay safe and secure.

Success With Black Ghost Monitoring System & Devices

The black ghost is unique when compared to other products and devices offered through Equivital. The black ghost was crafted with precision and accuracy in order to effectively keep military and first responders safe. Military training is one of the best ways for personnel to stay safe and prepare for real life situations they will encounter post training. The heart rate monitor built into the black ghost is one of the most reliable methods for keeping soldiers safe with the device. First responders also benefit from the heart rate monitor. The black ghost features the top technology advancements compacted into one single device that can be worn and used all day.

The convenience factor of the black ghost is one of the main benefits. The device is easy to use and wear all throughout the day. The body sensor is sensitive and accurate to movement in order to provide the highest source of information. The black ghost also works in real-time. This means the device can be worn on a consistent basis. The other benefits of the device include individual and squad performance. This means the performance of an entire team can be recorded, measured and analyzed through the black ghost. This is very important for militaries. A device that works with the team is great for improving group performance.

The device is also used for adaptive training. Adaptive training is a type of training that is prevalent in the military. This type of training must be properly taught and practiced by experienced individuals. The black ghost device is one of the best methods for this system. The device has proven to be reliable on an everyday basis. The device is one of the best ways to ensure all members of a military are practicing safe measures to preserve their health. Military and first responders must be in healthy physiological condition to continue their job successfully.

Importance of high-precision control systems: overview

With the increasing advances in technological methods and innovations, the need for precision positioning systems grows day by day. In the past few years, the field of high-precision motion control has become very popular and is becoming an interesting research topic. Today, precision control is the most basic and fundamental requirement that superior precision machines meet. There are several companies that adapt to different control strategies to enable compensation of the mechanical system in order to achieve precise and precise positioning techniques.

When an industrial configuration is concerned with the superior performance and accuracy of certain applications and machines, a reliable solution such as B. Precise motion control systems are extremely important to simplify processes. These systems are a key element and an extremely important requirement for a number of industrial applications. There are many processes in various industries that require receiving and controlled motion systems, such as piezoelectric motion control devices, to perform various processes. The main reason that makes these systems so desirable is the high efficiency and precision they offer to control distance, repeatability and angles for different movements in a given operation.

Whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use, linear motors and actuators are used in almost all industries.

Application areas

In addition to the most important industrial areas, these motion control devices can also be found in applications such as medicine, biology, life sciences, microelectronics, fiber optics, measurement technology, semiconductors, precision engineering, mechanical engineering and much more. In addition, these systems are commonly used in ultrasonic transducers, inkjet printers, medical diagnostic equipment, sonars, filters and resonators. Even Parker’s motion control and camera motion control are among the modern applications in which these systems are used for more fluid processes.

Look for authentic manufacturers to access quality products

After you have been informed of the importance and critical use of these devices in the section above, it is advisable and essential that you choose an authentic manufacturer so that your industrial processes run smoothly and properly.

Here’s a quick tip to keep in mind. When choosing a precise motion control system, ensure that the device meets standard and universal industrial quality standards. For the safety of an industrial environment, the devices must be compatible with the core. Also look for established manufacturers who have a good reputation and experience in the mechanical motion technology industry. Since then, such manufacturers have had an immense reputation and knowledge; You could be the right guide for your purchase.

If you take all these aspects into account, you will have access to the prototype and the end product that is suitable for your industrial operation. Today, the market is swamped with capable manufacturers who have the skills and knowledge to routinely design a standard precision motion control system in the desired system according to customer specifications and requirements. You can search for authentic businesses online or go to your local business nearby for detailed information on these systems.

Technology has always fascinated the technician in me. And writing about the latest technologies and usage mechanisms has been my strength in recent years. Follow my writings to know the latest technologies and mechanisms for this season.