Construction Tape

If you don’t have a decking tape uk yet in your tool box then go and buy a roll or two today. Duct tape is so versatile. It has hundreds of uses. It can even save your life. Duct tape is also very strong. This is because it’s usually made up of three layers: a plastic top layer, a fabric middle layer, and rubber-based bottom layer. Professionals around the world know how reliable this kind of tape is. This is why they always have one with them wherever they go. This kind of tape is also very easy to apply. And you can easily tear it by hand – no need for scissors or a cutter. Below are some of the uses of duct tape.

Car repair

You can use a strong duct tape for minor car repairs. So you should always keep a roll in your glove compartment or trunk. You’ve probably seen a car running with its bumper covered in duct tape. It’s not pretty but it works. If you need to repair your bumper in a pinch, then having duct tape can save your day. Anyway, it’s only meant for temporary repair jobs. If you want to patch things up, for example, then you’ll thank yourself for bringing duct tape along. This tape has a strong adhesive that is able to keep things up more firmly and securely compared to other tapes.

Furniture repair

Strong joist guard tape is also very useful inside the house. For one, you can repair damaged furniture with it. No matter how well you take care of your furniture there will come a time that they’ll break. You don’t necessarily need to throw away broken furniture. You can try to repair them first if you want to save money. And one of the easiest ways to repair broken furniture is to use duct tape. If one of the legs of your table suddenly breaks, for example, then you can hold things together temporarily with duct tape. All you need to do is to wrap the tape around the leg a few times. Of course, this is only a patch-up job. You still need to call a repairman to restore your furniture to its former glory.

First Aid

Do you know that duct tape is also used for first aid? Since the Second World War, it has been used by soldiers as part of their first aid kit. It can serve as a bandage for wounds and it can also be used to make a brace. So it’s also a wise move to include duct tape in your medical kit. It might save your or another person’s life in the future.

Arts And Craft

If you’re a creative person then you should know that you can also use deck joist tape uk for your arts and craft projects. You can even use duct tape to make a DIY wallet. There are several instructions available online on how to make a duct tape wallet. This kind of wallet is sure to last for a long time since duct tape is a very durable material.