Fire Alarms

Having a fire alarm is the primary means of protecting yourself and your family in the event of a fire. However, knowing how to tell if your home or business has an operational fire alarm can be difficult for some people. Below are some quick tips on how you can easily determine whether or not your home’s smoke detector is still functioning properly.

If you do not have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, then it may be best to call an expert before continuing with this article so that they can come by and check on them for you! Smoke detectors are often used along with carbon monoxide alarms since both sound alerts at different frequencies making it easier to know which one goes off first there is danger present. This will a make a huge difference in the event of a fire, since you will know which device needs your attention first.

The easiest way to see if there is a problem with your smoke detectors is by testing them yourself. All home fire alarm systems must be tested at least once every month according to government guidelines and must be listed with a nationally recognized testing body such as UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory). In addition, all devices should also have backup battery power that lasts at least 24 hours in case of an emergency which includes testing not only the alarms but the backup power supply as well.

So before even thinking about calling a professional for help it is important to test your smoke detector regularly so you can tell whether or not you still have a working device inside your home. Do this by pushing the test button on your smoke detectors, wait for them to beep and then wait another few minutes before pressing the button again to turn it back off. This is required by law in most states (see “Frequently Asked Questions” below) so that everyone can easily tell whether or not they are at risk of breaking any fire alarm laws while still being protected themselves.

While testing your smoke detector you will want to pay attention to how loud its alarm actually is. If it sounds different than usual it could mean there’s some problem with its functionality which might be an easy fix if caught early enough. For example, if your smoke detectors are old then replacing their batteries on a regular basis would be an easy fix to keep them working properly. There are many other possible causes of smoke detector malfunction as well, so if you think there is a problem with your alarm do not hesitate to contact the professionals for further help.

The safety of your employees and customers is paramount to any business. If you are worried about the fire alarm in your building not being up-to-date, give us a call today for an inspection or installation service. We have years of experience installing new alarms with full compliance to BS 5839 regulations which will help keep everyone safe at work!