In this day and age, it seems almost impossible to separate food from science. With the help of modern technology, we can learn about everything from how many calories are in a certain dish to how long it takes our bodies to digest different foods.

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert that has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. It was later perfected by Italians who made several key discoveries along the way about improving quality and flavor. Learning more about gelato’s history and science will give consumers a better understanding of why gelato is so special and what makes it different from other ice creams on the market today.

This article explains the Gelato science. What makes gelato different?

The main difference between other types of ice cream and gelato is that gelato has a higher percentage of milk, and less air is whipped into it, which gives it a richer texture. Gelato also contains less fat than ice cream due to the fact that dairy fat contributes greatly to its creaminess.

Is gelato really healthier?

The real secret behind gelato‘s perceived “health benefits” comes from its lower percentage of fat, as well as the fact that people typically don’t eat it in very large quantities at one sitting. While eating all types of ice cream equally could contribute to an unhealthy diet overall, gelato usually satisfies consumers’ cravings for sweets without packing on pounds like traditional ice creams would. The extra protein and calcium found in gelato can benefit our bodies too. What about added flavors and colors?

Gelato makers work to create innovative and exciting flavors all the time, so it’s important for them to select ingredients that won’t impart unwanted flavors or colors into the mix. If an ingredient is added that isn’t very pure or unadulterated, it could affect the flavor and color of the final product. Some gelato purveyors even go as far as testing their products’ purity with a mass spectrometer to make sure they aren’t adding anything that shouldn’t be there.

As consumers continue to become more interested in how their food is made and what exactly could be inside of it, we can expect our demand for “natural” ice cream to grow exponentially. Gelato has already shown itself capable of satisfying much of that demand with its low-fat content, pure flavors and colors, plus its high calcium and protein contents. What’s more, there are thousands of gelato flavor options available to suit nearly every taste bud.

Gelato benefits:

-Lower fat content

-Purer ingredients lead to better flavors and color

-More calcium, protein

-Thousands of options available across the world

-Satisfies consumers’ cravings without adding pounds

-Great for diabetics because gelato has a low glycemic index

-Able to benefit our bodies in many different ways

-A lot of ice cream is made with GMO ingredients, some gelato makers are starting to be more careful about their ingredients.

Gelato is a healthier option compared to regular ice cream because it has less fat, purer flavors, and colors, plus it’s higher in calcium and protein. As consumers continue to demand natural foods, we can expect the popularity of gelato to grow because of its high-quality ingredients and satisfying flavor options.

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