Private Schools


While the well-prepared and glossy brochures are an excellent way of learning the unique selling points of a school, shrewd parents now go beyond the glitzy marketing to look at the facilities, the curriculum, teaching staff, the school’s core values, and much more.

Seek Referrals

Word of mouth perhaps remains the greatest influence when it comes developing the reputation of a school. However, remember that the personal views of other parents or students can be easily coloured by the individual’s perspective rather a collective experience. Do your own due diligence to confirm what you hear.

Languages Options

Across the UK today, even the smallest private girl school is now offering more than the traditional French. Now Spanish and German have become a favorite, and many schools are already teaching new languages that are gaining global usage or acceptance like Mandarin or other Asian languages.

Supportive Sporting Opportunities

Avoid asking for the school yearly sports results because if you do that, most likely you will receive the prescribed stock answer. Rather inquire about the range of sporting opportunities that are available for students who might not be natural athletes. A supportive school environment develops and encourages many important life and career skills, such as independence and leadership.

Trust your own Instincts

When choosing private girl school in UK, learn to trust your instincts. For example, do the school buildings reek of disinfectants or have an appealing aura? Do the faces look relaxed or glum? Remember, your child will most likely feel the same underlying vibes as you do.


Despite the hard economic times, in terms of improving their general offerings, private girl schools in the UK are coming up trumps. This is because their educational programmer don’t just focus on academic excellence, but they goes further to offer students diverse opportunities designed to assist them to develop their full potential in the Arts, Design, Sciences, Music, and Sports.